Turnback Boyz

Turnback Boyz are an intergalactic time-traveling boyband! Oliver Gold, Tommy Tugunns and Peter Pansy, your favorite time traveling trio, explore pivotal moments in history, learn from historical figures, and empower queers in need.


 Photo Credit J Tyler Huber.  Left to Right Oliver Gold, Tommy Tugunns and Peter Pansy

Next Up

Official PDX Pride Kickoff Party on Thurs, June 9th!  Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1683493268568560/



"The boys turned this queer . . . into a die-hard fan."  Review of Origins Tour, Gay City, Seattle.   

 "Queer Masculinity Embraces it's Feminist Side" Part 1, Part 2, PQ Monthly.






Created by Max Voltage & Pants-Off Productions

Directed by: Kim Lundin

Music Production: Cabiria Jones

Vocal Coach: Dru Rutledge

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