Homomentum the Musical


Homomentum the Musical is a brand-new, gender-bending sci-fi fantasy musical, created by Max Voltage.  The themes, aesthetics and radical politics of the Homomentum cabaret series serve as inspiration for Homomentum the Musical.

The Premise

Imagine a world, where you can have any object you desire, as long as you don't question the cost of your exponential consumption. This cost is not evenly shared, and runs highest for those working below, the Cogs.

Welcome to Metopia, balanced at the brink of class warfare.  Enter the Homomentum players, a band of intergalactic performers, who crash-land on this world, and spark a new path, paved in glitter and camp.

Will the love of a Homo be enough to change the heart and mind of one young Metopian, who must convince their people to seek change? Will the Cogs find the courage to dismantle the machine?  Will magical unicorns come to their rescue?  Can art really change the world?  Homomentum, the Musical! 


Created by Max Voltage 
Story & Book by Max Voltage 
Original Music by Max Voltage, Riley La Roux & Leander Star 
Directed By Kim Lundin

Upcoming Performances

Homomentum Album Release ShowFriday May 30th, 7pm doors, 8pm show.  $10-30, at the Alberta Rose Theatre.  Minos OK with parents or guardian.  See Calendar for details.

Additionally, the Homomentum Soundtrack will soon be available for purchase!!


Past Performances

Thanks to an Individual Project grant from the Regional Art & Culture Council, we performed 3 sold-out performances of the full Homomentum script and soundtrack, including 21 original songs and a cast of 16 Portland queer, trans and ally artists, on Nov 15th-17th, at the CoHo Theater.  See Photos.  

In April 2013, as a creative stepping stone, we put on a work-in-progress performance of Homomentum at Lewis & Clark College, sponsored by The United Genders and Sexualities group. This performance featured 13 original songs, and a few scenes leading up to them. Prior to that we performed a sneak-peak medley of Homomentum at the JAW new-work festival at Portland Center Stage in July, 2012.  Watch the Video.  

Photos: Lewis & Clark (Center) and JAW performances, photo credit Ty Chance.



"Homomentum is campy, smart, witty as hell, and, most of all, great...it felt like RENT and Moulin Rouge had a queer, gender-less baby. Homomentum: Bright Lights, Big City, Big Hit (Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly)

"Fabulous... filled with glitter and camp."  Class Warfare Littered With Glitter (Jenna Lechner, Portland Mercury)


Video Footage

Sneak-Peak Medley, performed in July 2012 at the Portland Center Stage JAW Playwrights Festival

Secret Alien, Sleeper Agent, written and performed on Ukulele by Max Voltage

It Ain't Nothin, written by Riley La Roux, performed by Max Voltage & Riley La Roux

Wholesome on Folsom, written by Max Voltage, performed with Riley La Roux & Leander Star at Dirty Queer, Jan 2013


Community Support

In Other Words Feminist Resource Center

Poster Child

Regional Art & Culture Council

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