Homomentum: queer cabaret series

Homomentum was a Portland-based monthly queer cabaret series, showcasing dance, burlesque, music, drag & performance-art, with tons of glitter and ridiculousness at every turn, that ran for 3 seasons, from 2009-2012.  Regular performers included: The Gillicorn Blessing, Kaj-Anne Pepper, Felice Shays, The Drag Mansion, Pidgeon Von Tramp, The Cattitude Dance Ensemble, Compound, CJ & The Dolls, Feyonce, Vivivi, Carla Rossi, The Glam Dandies, Mr. E, Chi Chi & Chonga, Baby Le'Strange, Fannie Fuller, Dori LovesYouAll & Puppetrator X, Glitterfruit, Nandi La Sophia, Little Beavers Destroyer Squadron, Billy Coyote and Shazaam.

Check out the musical that this cabaret series inspired: Homomentum the musical!


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