Pants-Off Productions got its start producing Cabaret shows!  Our first show was Freakshow-a-Go-Go, a night of vaudevillian Genderfuck, featuring 50 performers from all over the country!  Pants-Off also produced Kick/Ball/Change, a 3-part dance series, which began as part of the Fertile Ground Festival of new work.  Currently we have two Cabaret-format shows in rotation, Homomentum (queer cabaret series) and Homo's Got Talent (annual dance-off competition)

Additionally, Max Voltage, founder of Pants-off Productions, is an expert MC, Drag King, and cabaret producer, and is available for hire to do workshops and performances!

Pants-Off Productions currently has two Cabaret-style events in rotation:

Homomentum (cabaret series) 

Homo's Got Talent (annual dance-off competition)


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